Useful Thermal power/Heated volume

ATS 30 Hydro Boiler is a boiler heater with also an air fan for maximum efficiency of the burning fuel. You can also an air-fan for maximum efficiency of the burning fuel. You can connect this heayer parallel with your pre-existing boiler or use it just by it self as a new one. It is a radiant energy heater with simple design and great performance. Its boiler is made of 2.5 mm thick steel. The glass of the burner door is refractory ceramic. The combustion air is handled by a practical lever at the bottom, just above the ash drawer. The combustion space is made of 4mm steel and around the grate with 25mm SF750 vermiculite.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 550x1060x610mm
Weight 160kg
Heatable 672m3
Fumes outlet 150mm
Boiler Content 45lt
Hearth material Cast Iron
Total thermal power 30,0kW
Useful thermal power 24,0kW
Power given to Water 20,0kW
Efficiency 80,0%
Consumption 7,1kg/h


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