Useful thermal power/Heated Volume

FerGuss A is a cast iron stove with vertical shape hearth. It heats our room by natural convection. Primary and secondary air inlets can be adjusted independently. The glass is ceramic, 750C resistant. All components are made of G20 cast iron. It also has a grate shaker and ash pan. Chimney connection on top or rear.

You can see it in our showroom in Elefsina.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 481x820x384mm
Weight 123kg
Door opening (WxH) 218x307mm
Hearth dimensions(WxHxD) 442x615x322mm
Heatable 237m3
Fumes outlet 120mm
Draught 5-12Pa
Hearth Material G20 cast iron
Total thermal power 11,2kW
Useful thermal power 8,4kW
Efficiency 75,5%
Consumption 2,3kg/h
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