Useful Thermal Power/Heated Volume

Hermetic pellet thermo-stove for passive houses or low energy houses. Pellet boiler stove that supplies radiators and floor radiant heating panels throughout the home. Available with ceramic sides, top and inserts in three colour options: parchment, off-white and bordeaux. It produces hot air for heating the installation room as well.

• Leonardo system
• Cast iron and steel firebox
• Rear smoke outlet O 8 cm
• Synoptic panel
• Daily / weekly programming
• Incorporated hydraulic kit with closed expansion tank, circulator pump and pressure relief valve

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 520x550x1100mm
Weight 221kg
Heatable 420m3
Fumes outlet 80mm
Draught 1-10Pa
Air Inlet 60mm
Hydraulic Connections 3/4" F
Boiler Content 12lt
Total thermal power 17,7kW
Useful thermal power 16,2kW
Power given to water 11,8kW
Efficiency >91,6%
Consumption 1,0-3,7kg/h
Pellet tank ~30kg

• Kit Wi-Fi
• GSM, allows for switching the stove on/off via mobile phone

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