Useful Thermal Power/Heated volume

Pellet thermo-stove with majolica covering.


  • Majolic covering
  • Ash box
  • Self-cleaning brazier
  • Heat exchanger with manual cleaning system
  • Fumes Motor with speed electronic control (encoder)
  • Over heating Thermostat
  • Foreseen for external thermostat (TA)
  • Weekly chronothermostat
  • Remote Control
  • Circulation pump
  • Expansion tank
  • Safety valve 3 bar

Technical Data

Dimensions 608x1314x698mm
Weight 259kg
Heatable 655m3
Fumes outlet 120mm
Draught 0,5-10Pa
Air Inlet 60mm
Hydraulic Connections 1" F
Boiler Content 21lt
Total thermal power 7,0-24,7kW
Useful thermal power 6,7-22,8kW
Power given to water 5,4-20,12kW
Efficiency >92%
Consumption 1,5-5,2kg/h
Pellet tank ~53kg
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