"Xanthakos - Diakladoti Agogi S.A." was established in 1984, starting with production of cement products, mainly chimney pipe elements, prefabricated traditional firebrick fireplaces, BBQs and firebrick ovens and also Shunt ventilation system elements. Gradually it expanded in various trading and producing areas such as insulating bricks (Al-Si, Mg etc) for industrial use, natural stones for decorative use, marbles, decorative cement products, fabrication of cement (sewage) pipes, decorative bricks, glass bricks, insulating materials (stone wool, ceramic blankets, calcium silicate boards etc), and various heating products such as fireplaces, stoves, boilers, hydraulic parts (circulation pumps, expansion vessels, sefety valves, radiators, fan coil units etc), buffer tanks, water heating sun panels, and many others. Also, "Xanthakos - Diakladoti Agogi S.A." trades new and used cars, trucks, pallet carriers and forklift trucks.

Our aim is to be on the cutting edge of technological developments. This is why we settle strong cooperations with the biggest, reliable and most innovative companies of the European markets. Our knowledge and vast experience is our driving force in expanding our product range, always with products that are reliable, of the best quality, ergonomic and good looking. Our philosophy is the establishment of a trusting relationship with all our customers (wholesales and retail). In this direction, we are constantly training and supporting our technical department, in order to be able to offer the best installation and after sales service.