Useful Thermal Power/Heated Volume

Full size insertable wood burning cooker, with side oven.


  • Hearth in cast-iron and Nordiker
  • Glass and brushed or enamelled stainless steel finish
  • Double glass fire door
  • Cast iron firedoor
  • Cast iron facade
  • Large oven (36lt) with light
  • Combustion air BBC
  • Automatic adjustment of primary air
  • Top cooking plate and rings in polished cast-iron
  • Option of fitting between furniture cabinets

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (WxHxD) 900x850-910x600mm
Weight 174kg
Door opening (WxH) 210x175mm
Hearth dimensions (WxHxD) 226x270x384mm
Oven dimensions (WxHxD) 310x286x410mm
Heatable 229m3
Fumes outlet 150mm
Draught 12Pa
Air inlet 100mm
Hearth material Cast-Iron+Nordiker
Total thermal power 10,7kW
Useful thermal power 8,0kW
Efficiency 75,0%
Consumption 2,5kg/h


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