Useful Thermal Power/Heated Volume

Wood burning thermo-Kitchen with security system DSA.


  • Enameled cast iron facing
  • Panoramic enameled oven (55 l)
  • Vitrified cast iron frame
  • Polished cast iron plate and ring
  • Wood drawer
  • Adjustable primary air, preset secondary and tertiary air
  • Post combustion system
  • D.S.A. Security device included

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 982x860x682mm
Weight 293kg
Door opening (WxH) 233x160mm
Hearth dimensions (WxHxD) 257x350x407mm
Oven dimensions (WxHxP) 307x418x430mm
Heatable 530m3
Fumes outlet 160mm
Draught 17-20Pa
Air Inlet -mm
Hydraulic connections 1" F
Boiler content 22lt
Hearth material Steel
Total thermal power 22,3kW
Useful thermal power 18,5kW
Power given to Water 15,0kW
Efficiency 83,0%
Consumption 5,2kg/h
Working pressure <3,0bar

TermoSuprema Compact D.S.A. is available in matt cream and black anthracite colors, and as every La Nordica - Extraflame product, it complies with all European norms concerning safety and emissions, carries all corresponding certifications and is covered with a two-years warranty.

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