Useful Thermal Power/Heated Volume

The combination of a large boiler with an elegant mantle, which includes an oven and a large radiant cooking plate in smooth cast iron, resulted in TermoSovrana. The problem of heating up the place while cooking has thus been solved in an elegant, practical and functional form.


  • External facing in steel
  • Panoramic enameled oven
  • Vitrified cast iron frame
  • Polished cast iron plate and ring
  • Thermo convection sides
  • Wood drawer
  • Adjustable primary air, preset secondary and tertiary air
  • Post combustion system
  • D.S.A. Security device included

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 964x889x640mm
Weight 166kg
Door opening (WxH) 217x172mm
Hearth size (WxHxD) 257x250x395mm
Oven Size (LxHxP) 300x300x410mm
Heatable 387m3
Fumes outlet 130mm
Draught 17-20Pa
Air Inlet -mm
Hydraulic connections 1" F
Boiler content 12lt
Hearth material Steel
Total thermal power 16,6kW
Useful thermal power 13,5kW
Power to Water 9,0kW
Efficiency 81,2%
Consumption 3,9kg/h
Working pressure <3,0bar

TermoSovrana is available in white, soft brown and anthracite black, and as every La Nordica - Extraflame product, it complies with all European norms concerning safety and emissions, carries all corresponding certifications and is covered with a two-years warranty.

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