Useful thermal power/Heated volume

Wood heater stove. A glimpse of the natural course of the flame. It is lined with ceramic decoration in parchment, burgundy, white cream and dark gray. The fireplace is made of fireproof material and steel. The smoke outlet of the stove is at the top. It has no expansion vessel. The length of the wood is up to 50 cm vertical and 33 cm horizontally.

The CS version has a heat discharge coil that is activated by a safety valve which make the CS suitable for closed vessel installations. Thus, the technical data of the CS version are different, and are mentioned in the table below, into parenthesis.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxDxH) 630x560x1340mm
Weight 278kg
Heatable 370(615)m3
Fumes outlet 150mm
Air Inlet 100mm
Hydraulic connections 1"
Boiler Content 40lt
Hearth material Cast Iron
Total thermal power 16,2(27,9)kW
Useful thermal power 14,2(23,6)kW
Power given to Water 9,7(14,6)kW
Consumption 3,5(6,1)kg/h
Efficiency 87,4(84,6)%
Working pressure 0,5/1,5bar

* The values in brackets refer to the Flamma CS model.

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