8,0 kW/210m3

Useful thermal power/Heated volume

Wood burning stove. Wide glass vertical and round to emphasise the flame. Steel covering color: black, grey, bronze and soapstone. Scamolex combustion chamber.Top or rear smoke outlet. Automatic door closure with shock absorber. Hot air with natural convection. Combustion air adjustment with control unit. 35 cm vertical and 25 cm horizontal nozzles. Bottom drawer for wood (up to 30 kg). Round glass.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 500x500x1760/1790mm
Weight 178/274kg+40kg accumulation
Hearth dimensions (WxHxD) 290x230x390mm
Heatable 210m3
Fumes outlet 150mm
Hearth material scamolex
Total thermal power 9,3kW
Useful thermal power 8,0kW
Efficiency 85,6%
Consumption 2,0kg/h

• AIR DIFFUSER: ductable hot air kit

Tally 8 Up S configured for accumulation (optional): the stove remains hot for several hours even after being switched off.

The top with refractory rings allows for accumulating heat and releasing it in a prolonged manner for heating even hours after the last wood loading phase.
When the wood is loaded at night, the embers retain their heat in the morning thus facilitating a new ignition phase.

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