Useful thermal power/Heated Volume

Ventilated pellet stove.


  • Steel sides and cast iron top
  • High capacity pellet storage tank (kg~30)
  • Removable ash compartment
  • Hearth, door and brazier in cast iron
  • Integrated room temperature thermostat
  • Weekly programmer
  • New black LCD display
  • Double tangential fan motor for upper room ventilation
  • Double side tube bundle heater exchanger
  • Rear smoke outlet aligned with the product
  • Large panoramic glass door fire
  • Ducting with dedicated engine:
    • Thermostatable
    • Up to 8 meters range
    • Ducting system can be totally excluded


Technical Data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 525x1080x530mm
Weight 160kg
Heatable 287m3
Fumes outlet 80mm
Draught 3,0-5,0Pa
Air Inlet 50mm
Ducting Outlet 80mm
Total thermal power 3,4-11,0kW
Useful thermal power 3,0-10,0kW
Efficiency 91,6%
Consumption 0,7-2,3kg/h
Pellet tank ~30kg
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