Useful thermal power/Heated Volume

Modern wood burning fireplace with back boiler operation that replaces or works alongside traditional gas and oil boilers, allowing savings of up to 40% on heating costs. In addition to heating the whole house, it can produce hot water for domestic appliances.

• thick, robot welded steel structure
• automatic smoke by-pass control mechanism
• Ceramic glass resistant to thermal shock up to 800 °C.
• air combustion adjustment damper.

Available in 2 versions: open tank, or closed tank (CS) with incorporated coil and safety valve.
Idro 30/Idro 30CS have single door.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxDxH) 650x530x990mm
Weight 115kg
Heatable 370m3
Fumes outlet 160mm
Air inlet 100mm
Hydraulic connection 1"
Boiler content 30lt
Hearth material Cast Iron
Total thermal power 19,7kW
Useful thermal power 14,8kW
Power given to Water 8,6kW
Efficiency 75,1 %
Consumption 4,5 kg/h
Working pressure 0,5/1,5 bar


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