Useful Thermal Power/Heated Volume

W80 CORNER is a highly efficient wood burning fireplace with two-sided door. Two models, with side glass on the left or on the right. It is made of steel plates, completely air-tightly welded together, creating a monoblock type structure. The hearth is reinforced with thick cast iron panels. Ceramic glass on door, 750°C resistant. Adjustable combustion air inlets. Ash-drawer. With post-combustion and glass cleaning systems. Possibility for ventilation kit.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 850x1750x54mm
Weight 220kg
Hearth dimensions (WxD) 750x440mm
Heatable 380m3
Fumes outlet 250mm
Ducting outlets 125mm
Hearth material CastIron
Total thermal power 17,6kW
Useful thermal power 13,6kW
Efficiency 77,4%
Consumption 4,2kg/h


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