Useful thermal power/Heated volume

Closed firebox with dark grey steel structure. Equipped with retractable door: flat front ceramic glass, flat front ceramic glass, dark grey door frame. Two versions for the circulation of hot air:

  • N: natural convection and
  • V: forced ventilation.

Four outputs for ducting hot air. Complete with post-combustion system.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxDxH) 975x600x1600mm
Weight N:305kg/V:310kg
Heatable 400m3
Fumes outlet 200mm
Air Inlet 300 mm2
Ducting Outlets 4xO140mm
Hearth material Cast iron
Total thermal power 20,3kW
Useful thermal power 15,3kW
Efficiency 75,2%
Consumption 4,4 kg/h
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