WG10N LPG BURNERS -weishaupt-


The safest lpg burners. Chassis made of cast Aluminium, sound proof air inlet, digital controller with self-diagnosis. Motors made by -weishaupt- and coded cabling. Compatible to all boilers, with efficiency over 94% and lowest possible emissions.

Long service life: There are many years of experience and development behind -weishaupt-’s burner technology. Over 600 burners are manufactured daily at their ultra-modern production facilities in Schwendi. Every single burner is subjected to a mechanical and electrical function test. Only the best quality materials are used in manufacture. The combination of technology with an effective quality control system safeguards -weishaupt-’s reknowned reputation for quality.

Outstanding efficiency: Digital combustion management ensures that the burner only generates as much heat as is needed at that precise moment. The electronically controlled air damper closes fully on shutdown to hinder cooling of the combustion chamber. The W-ZG01 ingnition unit used on all Weishaupt compact burners is extremely energy efficient.

Exemplary emissions: Weishaupt Low-NOx technology (standard on gas burners, optional for oil burners) utilises a special mixing assembly to effect a notable reduction in harmful emissions.

Two models available:

Type Functioning kW kcal/h Rp Valve proving Code
WG10F/1–D/LN Single-stage 40-110 34.400-94.600 3/4" No 23311024
WG10F/1–D/Z-LN Two-stage (a) 25-110 21.500-94.600 3/4" Yes 23311324
WG10F/1–D/ZM-LN Slipping two-stage or Analogue (b) 25-110 21.500-94.600 3/4" Yes 23212624

(a) The burner works in single-stage function. In order to work in two-stage function, it must receive a signal (eg. thermostat contact open/close)

(b) For the analogue function, it is also required:

  • Load controller KS 40-108 code 690345
  • PT100 sensor 51221001527
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