LNK 15


Useful thermal power/Heatable volume


  • 303-5 Class 5 approved boilers
  • Down-fired combustion
  • Simple use and maintenance
  • Made with 6 mm thick steel
  • Smoke motor speed, puffer probe (already included) and circulator managed directly by the machine electronics
  • High insulation for high performance
  • Opening with safety device on handles
  • Coordinated design for strong identification

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 599x1212x1271mm
Weight 465kg
Heatable 495m3
Fumes Outlet 150mm
Draught 15Pa
Hydraulic Connection 1 1/2" F
Boiler Content 72lt
Total Thermal Power 19,4kW
Useful Thermal Power 17,3kW
Efficiency 89,0%
Consumption 4,5kg/h
Working Pressure 2,5bar


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