LP 20 **


Useful thermal power/Heated volume

The LP 20 THERMOPELLET pellet-burning boiler combines all the features of the largest advanced pellet boilers with very compact installation size. Automatic ignition, self-cleaning brazier and piping, advanced programmable electronics, standard supplied circulation pump and expansion tank all go to make a very compact and comfortable appliance that is unique in its field.

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (WxHxD) 525x1368x941mm
Weight 260kg
Heatable 600m3
Fumes Outlet 120mm
Draught 10Pa
Air Inlet 60mm
Hydraulic Connections 1"
Boiler Content 32lt
Total Thermal Power 4,2-22,3kW
Useful Thermal Power 3,9-20,9kW
Efficiency >94%
Consumption 1,0-4,7kg/h
Pellet tank ~70kg

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