WTC-GB 90-A -weishaupt-




Larger capacity range: With ratings from 18.9 to 290 kW, the WTC-GB is ideally suited to heating larger buildings and installations. Up to four boilers can be combined in a cascade for a total rating up to 1160 kW. Lower ratings are catered for by the Weishaupt WTC-GW condensing boiler.

High efficiency: The maximum utilisation factor is 109 % nett, equivalent to 99.4 % gross. This is at the limit of what can be physically achieved.

Quiet operation: Operational noise is effectively reduced by the integrated inlet silencer (up to 210 kW).

Exemplary reliability: An electronic monitoring system uses sensors in the flue gas and in the flow and return, as well as a low-water-level switch, to control the thermal efficiency of the WTC-GB. Electromagnetic influences are precluded by the separation of 230 V and low-voltage lines.
Interfacing options: Even the standard version’s interfacing options facilitate connection with a building automation system.

Easy to operate: The boiler can be equipped with the WCM-FS remote control, which is menu-driven via a back-lit, four-line, clear-text display. Remote operation and maintenance (e.g. via the internet) can be achieved using the optional Weishaupt WCM-COM module.

High quality: Weishaupt condensing boilers are the result of years of experience and developmental work. Only high-quality materials and components are used during manufacture.

System technology: Weishaupt has a comprehensive range of accessories – flue-gas systems, DHW cylinders, hydraulic components, controllers, and solar collectors for DHW or heating support. All from the same place and all perfectly matched to each other.

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