Useful Thermal Power/Heated Volume

Pellet boilers fuelling radiator heating systems (high temperature) and radiant floor panels (low temperature). They can also be connected to solar panels and/or a gas boiler. 
60 kg pellet tank. Synoptic panel with front screen. Double insulated door. Closed expansion tank included.

Class 5 according to the standards EN 303-5 2012. ENERGY EFFICIENCY CLASS A+

Hot water available with optional accessories. Optional thermostat cable or telephone dialler.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxDxH) 550x710x1310mm
Weight 302kg
Heatable 345m3
Fumes Outlet 80mm
Air Inlet 40mm
Boiler Content 35lt
Total Thermal Power 16,3kW
Useful Thermal Power 14,7kW
Power given to water 13,2kW
Efficiency 90,1%
Consumption 0,9-3,1kg/h
Pellet Tank ~60kg
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