The Decorative Cinderblocks can be used to build a wall or similar construction. They are not structural units and should not be used as such.

Apart from the special visual result, they preserve secrecy, partial ventilation and netural light.

100% handmade in Greece, in our facilities. We use white cement and sand and lots of craftmanship to produce them. Available in 9 different shapes/sizes.

# Ονομασία Dimensions Pieces per m2 (Περίπου)
1 "Germaniko" - German 20x32 15
2 "Alisida" - Chain 20x32 15
3 "Kithara" - Guitar 20x32 15
4 Small star 20x20 25
5 Romvos 20x40 13
6 Big Star 25x32 12
7 Crescent moon 20x32 15
8 Small Square 15x15 44
9 Large Square 20x20 25

(# Press on the photo to see the numbering)

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