Useful thermal power/Heated volume

Pellet stove supplying heat to the radiators and underfloor radiant panels throughout the house. Can be combined with solar panels and/or a gas boiler. Available with steel sides and ceramic front and side profiles in three colour variations: parchment, matt white and maroon. Cast iron door with black printed glass. Top and base entirely in cast iron, steel grill. Cast iron hearth. Produces hot air with 230 m3/h fan (can be deactivated) to heat the room where it is installed. Leonardo System detects the main parameters of combustion (type of pellet, atmospheric conditions, chimney flue conditions) to guarantee optimal operation. Built-in high-efficiency circulator, closed expansion tank and safety valve. Rear smoke outlet. Radio remote control.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxDxH) 590x610x1210 mm
Weight 299kg
Heatable 650m3
Fumes Outlet 80mm
Boiler content 18lt
Hearth material cast iron
Total thermal power 26,5kW
Useful thermal power 25,0kW
Power given to water 19,2kW
Efficiency 94,5%
Consumption 1,5-5,5kg/h
Pellet tank 20kg


    • Possibility to produce domestic hot water using appropriate accessories.
    • GSM dialler, allows the stove to be switched on and off remotely using a mobile phone.
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