Useful Thermal Power/Heated volume

Pellet burning stoves. So much heating in so little space. Steel covering and ceramic inserts color: bordeaux, black, opaque white and petroleum blue. Cast iron combustion chamber. Rear smoke outlet. NIGHT function. RELAX function. High autonomy.

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (WxDxH) 460x490x990mm
Weight 123kg
Heatable 185m3
Fumes outlet 80mm
Total thermal power 7,8kW
Useful thermal power 7,1kW
Efficiency 90,7%
Consumption 0,5-1,6kg/h
Pellet Tank ~24kg


  • kit Wi-Fi, allows for switching the stove on/off via wireless internet connection
  • kit GSM, allows for switching the stove on/off via mobile phone (SIM card required)
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