2,7-9,1 kW / 235 m3

Nominal thermal power / Heated Volume

Pellet stove with rounded lines for a design inspired by modern technological objects. Cast iron structure and front grille, ceramic sides in 3 colors: Cream, bordeaux or grey.

Innovative technology: The Leonardo System® detects the main parameters of combustion (type of pellet, atmospheric conditions, chimney flue conditions) to guarantee optimal operation.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxDxH) 620x560x1030 mm
Net weight 202 kg
Nominal thermal power 2,7-9,1 kW
Pellet consumption 0,6-2,1 kg/h
Efficiency 90,1 %
Heatable 235 m3
Feed box Total capacity ~ 20 kg
Autonomy 10-33 h
Con. external air aspiration pipe 40 mm
Smoke outlet 80 mm
Remote Control Yes
Convection fan Yes


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