Useful thermal power/Heated volume

Closed firebox with steel structure and interior firebox covering in ECOKERAM® ceramic material.
Model that develops in height, slim, versatile and powerful, it has high heat efficiency and high flame luminosity. Glass clean even after several days use, low consumption and high efficiency.The hot air can circulate due to natural convection of forced ventilation, by means of the kits prepared for ducting the air into adjacent with two flexible pipes (KIT:280820).

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxDxH) 1120x650x1680 mm
Weight 368kg
Heatable 525m3
Fumes outlet 250mm
Ducting Outlets 4x140mm
Hearth material ECOKERAM®
Total thermal power 24,3kW
Useful thermal power 20,1kW
Efficiency 82,6%
Consumption 5,3kg/h


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