Useful thermal power/Heated volume

The "HP22 Evo" pellet boiler represents the evolution of Extraflame boilers towards a product perfectly fited into home needs. It gathers all features of the biggest and most developed pellet boilers, but allows installation in small spaces, different from the boiler room. The new attractive design distinguishes and characterises it as a new item in the small pellet boiler sector. The automatic ignition, the self-cleaning pot, the advanced and programmable electronics, the standard supply circulation pump and expansion vessel, make it a unique product of its type, simple to install and easy to match to existing plants.


  • Ash drawer
  • 12 mm thick cast iron automatic cleaning brazier
  • Heat exchanger with manual cleaning system
  • Over heating Thermostat
  • Foreseen for external thermostat (TA)
  • Weekly chronothermostat
  • Touch screen console with new graphic interface
  • Circulation pump
  • Expansion tank
  • Safety valve 3 bar
  • Partial automatic brazier cleaning for optimal combustion
  • New management software for the ignition system
  • Fire door with air cooling system for increased thermal efficiency and heat loss reduction

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (WxHxD) 560x1307x823mm
Weight 260kg
Heatable 630m3
Fumes Outlet 120mm
Draught 11Pa
Air Inlet 50mm
Hydraulic Connections 1" F
Boiler Content 32lt
Useful Thermal Power 6,5-22,0kW
Total Thermal Power 7,3-24,5kW
Power given to Water 6,5-22,0kW
Efficiency 90,0%
Consumption 1,5-5,0kg/h
Pellet tank ~60kg
Working Pressure 2,5bar
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