10,0kW - 240m3

Nominal thermal power - Heated area

Wood burning fireplace with steel structure and firebox in refractory material. Allows to obtain high efficiency, low emissions into the atmosphere, low wood consumption and the glass is always clean. Version with prismatic glass vertical sliding hatch.

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxDxH):
840x670x1470 mm Primary air: Adjustable
Net weight: 266 kg Secondary air: Pre-Adjusted
Nominal thermal power: 10,0 kW Tertiary air: No
Global thermal power: - kW External air intake: Ø125 mm
Smoke outlet diameter: Ø200 mm Hourly consumption: 3,0 kg/h
Hearth material: Refractory Convection fan: N/A
Heatable: 240 m3 Fan Air Flow: -
Hot Air Outlet(s): - Fan Noise: -
Efficiency: 71,0 % - -

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